The 2021 JCW Class is arguably the nearest thing to a Touring Car you can buy, but at a fraction of the budget:


The Cooper Class car uses a 130Bhp 1.6lt normally aspirated engine, slick tyres and single way adjustable AST dampers. Offering surprising performance, agile handling and incredible grip from durable GoodYear tyres, it is not unusual to see these MINIs chasing down supercars that cost 20 times as much on test days!

The ultra-reliable 6 speed Cooper S BKD gearbox is employed and mated with a competition clutch, to improve transmission reliability without unreasonable costs.

Single way adjustable AST dampers allow handling to easily be tuned to suit driving styles and conditions.

The car best suits those new to motorsport, those with some karting experience, or those who just want ultra-close, fair racing on a high profile stage with modest budgets.


Cooper Class cars can be built for as little as £10,500.00* which includes the cost of the donor car.

All prices plus VAT at the prevailing rate.

*This price includes basic level of preparation and may vary dependent on the condition of the donor car and final specification. Excludes labour.


Introduced in 2016, the Cooper S class is the opportunity for drivers who already have racing MINIs built to other specifications, to join the MINI CHALLENGE family.

Cooper S Class MINI’s include:

  • Ex CHALLENGE R53 & R56 variants
  • European specification cars
  • Track Day Trophy MINIs
  • F56 1.5lt Cars

Running on Dunlop Direzza dry tyres costs are kept down, whilst safety is enhanced through the use of wet tyres to enable drivers to safely race even with standing water.

Power is limited to 160 bhp per ton and 210 nm per ton at the hub, meaning that equality can be achieved and maintained without excessive engine costs.

In other areas regulations are relatively open allowing drivers and teams to enhance car performance through engineering, as well as driving. This makes the Cooper S class a very different challenge to the other classes.


Cars can be built or purchased from as little as £10,000*, meaning that on a performance per £ basis the Cooper S class is second to none.

All prices plus VAT at the prevailing rate.

*This price includes basic level of preparation and may vary dependent on the condition of the donor car and final specification.



We’ve teamed up with AReeve Performance to provide a complete kit to allow you to convert your R53 into a eligible car to race in the Cooper S Class.

You do not have to use this kit to complete in the Cooper S Class as parts supply is not limited in Cooper S Class but it may help you.

Find out more about our build kit here


Can you have too much of a good thing? We don’t think so, which is why the new-for-2020 JCW MINI CHALLENGE Trophy was born.

The JCW MINI CHALLENGE Trophy has been created to ensure that everyone is able to experience the thrills of the JCW Class.

The new series not only caters for those drivers that weren’t able to secure a coveted place on the sold-out JCW Class grid, but also for those that would prefer to race away from the spotlight, pressure and expense associated with the BTCC Package.

This makes it the ideal home for those racing purely for fun or seeking to gain experience prior to stepping up to the JCW Class itself.

Racing on the MSVR package and strict limitations on tyre usage will help to keep budgets under control, whilst a slightly de-tuned specification makes the car more accessible than the standard JCW Class car, without compromising on excitement.

JCW MINI CHALLENGE Trophy Season Entry:

2020 Entry Fee – £3,950

Earlybird and loyalty discounts available.

All prices plus VAT at the prevailing rate.