The Cooper Pro Class car uses a 135Bhp 1.6lt normally aspirated engine, slick tyres and single way adjustable AST dampers. Offering surprising performance, agile handling and incredible grip from durable Dunlop tyres, it is not unusual to see these MINIs chasing down supercars that cost 20 times as much on test days!

The ultra reliable 6 speed Cooper S BKD gearbox is employed and mated with a competition clutch, to improve transmission reliability without unreasonable costs.

As with the Cooper Am class, the car is best suits those new to motorsport, with some karting experience, or those who just want ultra close, fair racing on a high profile stage with budgets only marginally higher than the Cooper Am class, once the car is purchased/built.

Cooper Pro cars can be built for as little as £7500, including the cost of the donor car.


The Cooper Am Class is the ultimate in low budget MINI racing, whilst still retaining the great exposure, top circuits, spare parts service, hospitality and TV coverage all of which are synonymous with the MINI CHALLENGE.

The Cooper Am car uses the same 1.6lt normally aspirated engine as the Cooper Class, but with the minimum weight increased by 30kg. The regulations allow the use of any single way adjustable damper, to enable cars used on trackdays to transition to a competitive environment at minimal cost. Treaded tyres and sensible transmission regulations also help to reduce budgets, whilst the specification allows competitors to cost effectively upgrade their cars to Cooper Pro spec after a season or two racing.

The class is best suited to those new to motorsport, with some karting experience, or those who just want ultra close, fair racing on a high profile stage, but with a low budgets.

Cars can be built for as little as £4500 including cost of donor car.

R50 Cooper Am ‘Build it Yourself’ Conversion Kit – £3,495 + VAT
R50 Cooper Am ‘Build it Yourself’ Conversion Kit inc 2017 Entry – £7,495 + VAT

R50 Ready to Race Cooper Am Class Car built by Total Track – £6495 + VAT + Donor Car
R50 Cooper Am Car built by Total Track inc 2017 Entry – £9,995 + VAT + Donor Car


Introduced in 2016, the Open class is the opportunity for drivers who already have racing MINIs built to other specifications, to join the MINI CHALLENGE family and enjoy the facilities, hospitality and TV coverage.

Open Class MINI’s include: Ex CHALLENGE R53 & R56 variants, European specification cars, Track Day Trophy MINIs and SUPER COOPER Cup Cars.

Running on Dunlop Direzza dry tyres costs are kept down, whilst safety is enhanced through the use of wet tyres to enable drivers to safely race even with standing water.

Power is limited to 180 per ton, meaning that equality can be achieved and maintained without excessive engine costs.

In other areas regulations are relatively open allowing drivers and teams to enhance car performance through engineering, as well as driving. This makes the Open class a very different challenge to the other classes.

Cars can be built or purchased from as little as £10,000, meaning that on a performance per £ basis the Open class is second to none.