Millers Oils, a leading independent blender, and supplier of advanced lubricants, oils, and fuel treatments since 1887, has announced that it has become UK distributor for Repsol Lubricants. Repsol is a leading global energy company, with a strong reputation for innovation, sustainability, and performance. The company produces a wide range of lubricants for automotive, industrial, and marine applications, including synthetic and mineral-based oils, transmission fluids, and greases.

This agreement makes Repsol’s premium motorcycle range available in the United Kingdom. Motorcycle enthusiasts in the UK can now experience the excellent performance and reliability that Repsol Lubricants have been delivering to riders around the world for decades. Repsol’s extensive range of specialised lubricants offer superior protection and optimal performance, ensuring the longevity and smooth operation of motorcycles across all types.

The partnership with Millers Oils, known for its commitment to quality and innovation, further strengthens Repsol’s presence in the UK market. Millers Oils’ extensive distribution network and technical expertise make it an ideal partner for bringing Repsol Lubricants to a broader customer base of passionate riders.

Through this collaboration, riders in the UK will gain access to Repsol’s comprehensive motorcycle lubricant range including the on track proven racing range Repsol Racing. These cutting edge lubricants are formulated to meet the specific needs of high performance motorcycles, providing exceptional engine protection, clutch performance, and gear shifting precision. Whether riders are on the track or exploring the open road, Repsol Lubricants will enhance their experience and ensure their motorcycles perform at their best.