Scotsman, Kyle Reid had a fantastic debut season in the MINI CHALLENGE this year. Although an experienced driver, Kyle had only raced in Scottish rounds and had never raced in five of the seven circuits we visited. This proved no problem as Kyle was quick to find his feet at each track, showing pace in qualifying and during the races.

Kyle’s impressive performance lead to a podium in all but two races and resulting in 11 wins overall.

As the season began, Kyle had already been racing in the Scottish MINIs and picked up three wins.

His first round in the MINI CHALLENGE would be at Donington, where he quickly established himself as one of the contenders, taking Pole position in qualifying, both race wins and a Fastest lap.

Kyle’s original plan wasn’t to compete for the full season due to work commitments, but his employers were so impressed they offered to support Kyle through the season and fly him back from the oil fields near Africa for race weekends. “We came down to Donington and we did really well, the guys from my work said why don’t you go for the rest of it so the Oil company said we’ll fly you home for the rest of the races.”

Amongst all of the success this season, Kyle was put up against some stiff competition in the Cooper Pro class. Both Robbie Dalgleish and Toby Goodman put up a strong fight to the point that the class win wasn’t decided until the final weekend at Rockingham.

“My best race of the season was at Brands Hatch, never been there before and started 5th and came through and won [the race].

Alongside winning the Cooper Pro Class this season, Kyle has also managed to win the prestigious Sunoco 240 Challenge which was won in 2016 by fellow MINI CHALLENGE Cooper driver, Max Bladon. The prize is any race drivers dream, a fully funded drive to take part in a 24 hour race at Daytona, USA. “It’s awesome. Sunoco is all on the phone all the time, I’m going down to do some simulator work on the 1st November. I fly out on the 2nd January, we’re over there for a week and then at the end of the month, fly out there for the Race.

For me, probably the highlight of the year was the first weekend in MINI CHALLENGE. We went down to Donington and loved it there. That was the start of the Sunoco Challenge. We were leading it from then on in and were leading it all year.

Kyles future plans are to continue in the MINI CHALLENGE and graduate to the JCW Class in 2010. “We’re going to try to buy a car to test in ready for the 2020 season.” We look forward to seeing him again in the near future.