Cooper Pro/Am Qualifying – Weather Bright/ Dry

The Excelr8 guys had been hard at all night fixing up a number of cars that were damaged in testing on Friday. 6 half hour sessions certainly excited some more than others. Kyle Reid, class leader, had bent his car in practice along with Toby Goodman, Richard Newman and Jacob Andrews. Certainly, a surprise when all of these cars started. Red Flag after 8 minutes as Lydia Walmsley bent her car in a big way, shaken but not stirred. On the restart, Richard Newman got P1on his 8th lap. Simon Walton was getting quicker and quicker and got P2 on his 8th lap. Kyle Reid had to make do with P3. Clearly not fully comfortable with his car. Robbie Dalgleish was going well in P4 ahead of Toby in P5. All of these qualified within a second or less of each other.

In the Am class, Alex Nevill P1and Andy Godfrey P2 were having their usual battle, this time joined by Lee Pearce P3 and Gary Papworth P4.

 Cooper Pro/Am Race 1 – Weather Bright/ Dry

Richard Newman had a great start, so too did Kyle Reid, his car now properly sorted. Alex Nevill got off well in Am class, joined by Andy Godfrey, with the rest of the Am field in support. Kyle Reid pushed to the front along with Simon Walton, Robbie Dalgleish and Toby Goodman. Richard clearly had issues tumbling down the field and retired after 6 laps when the gear linkage came undone. Lee Pearce’s challenge did not last long with him retiring after 2 laps with a broken gear cable.

So with Kyle in the lead, the race was with Simon Walton for the first few laps. On the 5th lap, Simon got the lead but lost it nearly as quick as he got it on the next lap as he went tumbling down to 5th and then recovered to finish 4th. Robbie finished a strong 2nd with Toby Godman completing the Pro podium.

In the Am Class, Alex Nevill just would not let Andy Godfrey pass, leaving the podium to be completed with Gary Papworth, dare I say as usual?. Superb race to watch with 3 races within one. 15 cars around Cadwell is fun to watch.

P1: Kyle Reid
P2: Robbie Dalgleish
P3: Toby Goodman

P1: Alex Nevill
P2: Andy Godfrey
P3: Gary Papworth


Cooper Pro/Am Race 2 – Weather Rain/Damp

Wow, wow and wow. The Last race of the day, reverse grid to mix them all up, Simon Walton on Pole, Kyle on P4.

Keir McConomy on Am pole, Gary Papworth in front of Andy Godfrey and Alex Nevill.  What a superb race to watch. Robbie Dalgleish had a superb start leaving the pack behind. Kyle nipped in behind. A grassy moment had the leading pack going each and every way,

Kyle coming off the worse being pushed down to 6th. There he stayed, trying his hardest to gain a place. Richard Newman made the most of it and slotted in behind Robbie as Simon kept his head in P3. Jacob Andrews, Toby Goodman and Kyle Reid all stuck together like a train. Super demonstration in driving to the limit.

In the Am class Andy Godfrey stayed in front of Alex, there was no way past, as Andy drove what is probably his best race of the season. Alex could not take any chances with a safe finish being his focus with the championship class lead nearly his. Gary Papworth slotted in behind. It was a truly great race to watch. Exciting too, followed by a very sticky podium.

P1:    Robbie Dalgleish
P2:    Richard Newman
P3:    Simon Walton

P1:    Andy Godfrey
P2:    Alex Nevill
P3:    Gary Papworth.