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We are delighted to announce our new partnership with WSC Finance.

WSC Finance are a finance broker who can help individuals and businesses fund capital purchases, whether motorsport or non-motorsport related. WSC also help businesses with various cashflow funding solutions.

As part of our partnership, we have created a range of opportunities to help drivers and teams with raising their budgets to go racing. These include:

  • MINI CHALLENGE will credit drivers and teams a £50 per qualified introduction, i.e. customer is actively buying an asset now.
  • MINI CHALLENGE will also credit drivers and teams £25 per unqualified intro i.e. just name and number without specific current purchase requirement. (Limited to a maximum of 10 introductions per season unless otherwise agreed).
  • When a client goes ahead with a finance product with WSC, MINI CHALLENGE will credit the driver/team with an introductory fee equivalent to 10% of the commission WSC receives. Typical deals will generate £250-£1,000.

WSC will automatically be sent the information to enable them to respond .

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