Steel Seal is the UK’s number one head gasket fix and can be found in over 2000 motor factors throughout UK and Ireland.

Steel Seal head gasket repair has separated itself from the competition due to its 99% success rate, money back guarantee, the tireless effort the team puts into marketing and the focus we place in creating relationships with the companies we work with.

With its easy pour in and leave application, Steel Seal has become the easiest way to save £100’s on a hefty garage bill.

A replacement head gasket can be over £500 for parts and labour and many people just cannot afford this kind of repair bill. Steel Seal, with its retail price of £39.99 and its money back guarantee, really does provide a money saving solution to fixing a head gasket with no risks.

You simply do not have anything to lose when trying Steel Seal except the one hour it takes to do the treatment. In the unlikely event Steel Seal does not work for you, you can claim your money back and you are back to square one. Nothing else on the market offers that kind of guarantee.



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