J-B Weld has been the world’s market leader in epoxy adhesives for over 40 years and has built a reputation on being ‘The Worlds Strongest Bond’ with J-B Weld Original having a massive tensile strength of 3960PSI eclipsing anything else on the market.

In the 1960’s, Sam Bonham, a machine shop owner, developed a product that changed the hardware industry significantly, when he discovered an epoxy he referred to as “tougher than steel”, since then J-B Weld has grown into a worldwide business, operating not only out of the United States but also in the United Kingdom and Europe

The J-B Weld range comprises of many specialist products that are all designed for use in a wide range of repairs, ensuring there is always a J-B Weld for the job. J-B Weld can be used on many diverse surfaces such as metal, wood, paper, fabric, fiberglass, ceramic, glass, concrete and much more.

Many of the products within the J-B Weld range are waterproof, with resistance to petroleum, acid, shock, vibrations, microwave radiation and many types of chemicals. Most J-B Weld products can also withstand temperatures up to 287C/550F and as low as -55C/67F and it is thanks to the toughness of a J-B Weld bond that has helped J-B Weld become the most trusted name in epoxy adhesives on the planet.

J-B Weld is available in adhesive, putty and syringe applications so whether you need to bond two materials together, fill in a hole or maybe you have no experience using epoxies there is a J-B Weld for you.



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