The MINI CHALLENGE is proud to reveal a brand-new series partner for the 2021 season. Joining the upper echelons of British Motorsport, Hybrid Tune Ltd has a history of success within the series as it transitions to its new role providing engine calibration and scrutineering support.

As engine management specialists, based just a few miles away from the MINI CHALLENGE headquarters in Suffolk, the company will look to intertwine their performance and quality to series prestige, allowing MINI CHALLENGE to develop its current footing as the most well-supported of any TOCA series.

Their operations have seen them develop technologies in ECU Services, offering 20 years of experience from supply to fitting to maintenance. While OEM ECU Remapping is carried out with genuine tools.

Customers can also enquire about their quality range of Dyno services, with both static and dynamic testing within 2% from OEM Figures. Their optimisation allows customers to exploit the limits of their vehicle ensuring they remain in control of their own destiny.

Since Hybrid Tune’s owner Sam Weller first became invested in 2015, the MINI CHALLENGE has joined the support package for the British Touring Car Championship, ensuring the series now boasts full coverage of its Sunday races live on the ITV for 15.8 million viewers.

As well as support in the paddock, Hybrid Tune proved their success on-track in 2017 when, with Stuart McLaren, they won the Cooper Am Class. Since then, the racing bug has remained for the Hybrid Tune crew.

Speaking about the partnership, Hybrid Tune’s owner, Sam Weller said;

“We’re delighted to have agreed a multi-year deal with the MINI CHALLENGE to provide engine calibration and scrutineering support.

“We’ve been involved in the MINI CHALLENGE since 2015, we know how important it is in a single make series to make sure there is absolute parity between cars. The engine calibration is a big part of this, and we have put a lot of development into achieving this.”

This sentiment was copied by Antony Williams, who commented;

“Hugely proud to have Hybrid Tune on board as we begin a new multi-year partnership. 2020 proved we could perform on the highest stage of British motorsport, despite the external challenges that were presented us during our maiden season at this level.

“It is thus with confidence we can look towards building ourselves into becoming a premier support series for the British Touring Car Championship and further develop the MINI CHALLENGE brand. Ensuring parity between our cars is essential in a single-make series and Hybrid Tune’s engine calibration will be an important part of this journey.”

The first round of the season is on 24 April 2021 at Snetterton.