The MINI CHALLENGE is delighted to confirm that Nitron Shocks will return as series partner to the UK’s premier MINI racing series and a leading one-make championship for young and experienced racers alike.

Founded in Oxfordshire in 1998, Nitron have been a market leader in shock absorbers and suspension technologies. Located in the heart of the motorsport valley since 2008, their British brand hand-builds parts that are sold across the world.

An experienced engineering team, Nitron have been using the very latest 3D CAD techniques, state-of-the-art Dynomometers and 5-Axis CNC machines push the limits of suspension technology. Calling upon expertise from across the motorsport industry, to perfect their aluminium billet designs that have been a valuable part in MINI CHALLENGE’s recent growth.

In 2020, the series became a full-time support package of the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), the United Kingdom’s premier motorsport series, benefitting from the Live ITV exposure and fan support that went along with it. Broadcasting the JCW and Cooper Class to a total of 15.8 million people over the nine rounds, the MINI CHALLENGE attracted over 25 competitors in each race. Proving the popularity and trust in the MINI CHALLENGE brand from drivers and teams alike.

Establishing itself as a trusted gateway for many young drivers to step into the BTCC, the MINI CHALLENGE will look to continue its legacy in 2021 after fellow Oxford-based driver Nathan Harrison claimed the JCW crown last year.

Speaking ahead of the announcement, Antony Williams said;

“We are delighted to announce that our suspension Technical and Marketing Partner Nitron Suspension are to continue their partnership with the MINI CHALLENGE providing continuity and security to our drivers and teams. Nitron have been a Championship partner since the introduction of our 3rd Generation race car and continue to provide both excellent products and excellent service to our series and the wider motorsport community with their high quality shock absorbers for cars and bikes.

“Guy Evans and his team have always been at our back and it’s good to continue this partnership going forward. The third-generation car, the F56 MINI Hatch, has been the base model for our sensational JCW class, which this year will feature at seven of our ten TOCA rounds, showcasing our partnership to our avid TV audience.”

The MINI CHALLENGE will once again be prominent feature on the TOCA support bill, with each round featuring one of the MINI CHALLENGE Classes that proved such a hit with the audience last year.

Guy Evans, from Nitron was equally as enthusiastic saying;

“It was a no-brainer decision to continue with Antony Williams and the MINI CHALLENGE. A valuable partner for the past six years, we are looking forward to being a Technical and Marketing Partner during their latest transition. We are honoured to be involved with a premier single-make championship.”