We interviewed Ethan Pitt during the first round of the Cooper Pro class at Donington Park in April.

Find out more about Ethan and his thoughts on the season ahead.

How long have you been racing?

I’ve been racing as far back as I can remember, since I was five. I’ve been doing kart racing since then and this is my first year in car racing so this will be my first full season. I did a few races last year, Donington and Snetterton but this is my first full year.

You did well when you raced with us last year.

Yes – I was straight on the pace, a lot more than expected especially at Snetterton with two 5th places and was at the front of the pack for the 2nd race so I was quite happy with that and shows good promise for this year.

What sort of pace do you think you’ll have this weekend?

I’ll think we’ll be up there. I’m quite confident that going into qualifying we can be on pole, if not 2nd, 3rd on the grid.

What’s your plan for this season? Are you aiming for the championship or just looking for good results?

The championship is always the target but being my first year of car racing hopefully top 3 or top 5 would be good.

Why did you decide to race with the MINI CHALLENGE?

We looked at quite a few championships including Ginetta juniors and Clios but the racing in the MINIs seems quite close and it’s quite an affordable championship as well and easier to get up to the front without spending large amounts of money trying to get there. It’s a one-make class so it seems a lot fairer than some other championships out there. With the cars all being identical, it’s all about driving and how quickly you can pick up the tracks so I think it’s a more level playing field.

How many in your class this season?

I think with the Am class as well the number is touching 23-24.

What road car do you drive?

I don’t drive a road car, I’m not old enough. I’m only 16 so I can’t even pass my test yet.

You’re racing even though you haven’t even got a driving license?

Yes, it’s probably one of the disadvantages of driving but it’s a fun challenge.

What do you friends think of you racing?

They are quite modest about it. I go to Silverstone UTC so I’ve got quite a few friends that do British GT as well so they know what it’s all about.

What is your favourite race circuit?

Either Snetterton or Silverstone. Obviously, I haven’t raced around Silverstone yet as we’ve only been there testing but with Snetterton, I’m not quite sure whether it was because I picked it up naturally but I was quite quick there. I quite like the flow of the circuit.

Racing is quite an expensive sport, do you got any support to help you?

Yes it’s quite hard to do without any support or funding so my main sponsor is Red 23. They sell Formula One memorabilia, including models and t-shirts and they are also into Formula E. They are a growing business and I’m really happy to be working with them as I’m growing in my racing and so are they so it’s a good partnership.

How did you approach them?

They actually approached me, they’d know me for quite a while through karting and after they found out I was coming into car and they appreciate how much it costs, they offered to help with the first season of my racing and from there we’ve built a good partnership.

Ethan is back racing at Snetterton on the 12-13th May for Round 2 of the Cooper Pro Class.