George Sutton is returning to MINI CHALLENGE in 2018 after a successful first season in the JCW Class, finishing 8th in the championship amongst some very experienced and talented drivers. George has always said he would use the first couple of years in the MINI CHALLENGE to build on this race craft and develop a name for himself, ultimately progressing into Touring Cars or GT cars. We’ve sat down with George for some insights on how the 17-year-old sees his racing career.

When did you start racing?
Around six years ago now in 2011. I just had a go at go-karting on holiday and absolutely loved it.

When did you start taking it seriously?
It was probably a couple of years later in 2013. I’d been go-karting as a hobby really but started to become good at it, so decided to start taking it more seriously and actually competing.

Why do you enjoy it so much?
The thrill of driving fast and the adrenaline rush are what really have me hooked. I’m very focused and single minded so motorsport is perfect for me.

What are your racing ambitions for the future?
Next season my aim is to win MINI CHALLENGE JCW and move up to British Touring cars. Ultimately though, I want to be a professional racing driver. I’ve come this far already but I want to go all the way.

What makes you different to the drivers you race against?
The fire in my belly to succeed and the desire to win is what sets me apart. I don’t view the other drivers as competition, I just see them as something I have to get past to achieve what I want to achieve.

Why should businesses sponsor You?
I’m good at what I do and I would like to think I’m a great role model for youngsters my age. It takes hard work, dedication and guts to race at any level but especially for someone my age. I think that would make me a great ambassador that any brand would want to be associated with.

Now that you’ve left school, What’s the day job?
I’m a motor-vehicle technician at a Local garage. I live and breathe cars so It’s the perfect job for me, until I can race professionally full-time.

What was your favourite subject at school and your least?
I didn’t have one to be honest because school wasn’t really for me.

When you’re not racing what do you like to spend time doing?
I love training to be a mechanic and working as a driver tutor for a karting team in my spare time. I’m like any other lad my age though – I like enjoying myself and being with my mates.

What’s most important to you?
That’s simple – winning!

Who is your hero?
I’m sure people would expect me to say someone like Lewis Hamilton. I obviously admire him for everything he has achieved but in all honesty, it has to be my dad. Without him, I wouldn’t be doing something I love so much.

Do you have a motto?
If you’re not first, you’re last and next season that’s a motto I’ll be following!